“I was drawn to Angel because of her holistic approach to movement. In working with Angel, I was able to embody more deeply who I am through movement by bringing together my mind, body and spirit to resonate as one. This experience gave me a greater sense of self and the ability to start putting me first.”

Barbara, computer programmer analyst


“The beauty of ‘Spiritual Belly Dancing’ is not only in the exquisite and timeless movements, which are a celebration of the female form, but also in its truth as a yogic connection or union with one’s insightful and intuitive higher self.
    It is a special sanctum for women who have been culturally conditioned to ignore and suppress the bliss of movement because of age or body shape.  Spiritual Belly Dancing empowers women to joyfully connect with their body, sexuality and feminine power wherever they are in their life.”

Penny, business owner, writer


“Angel is the best teacher I have ever had in any discipline in my life. She is generous, patient, loving and an extremely wonderful human being. She embodies the spiritual and teaches dance with exceptional energy and understanding. No matter how you feel when you walk into one of Angel’s classes, it is guaranteed you will walk out feeling better. If you felt low, you will feel good. If you felt medium, you will feel very good. And if you already felt good when you entered, you will walk out feeling extremely wonderful. Not only this, if you have any inclination toward loving dance, then you will absolutely have a ton of fun in her class. Personally I can't say enough good things about Angel's teaching. She is a phenomenal teacher at any level; beginner to expert can benefit from her presence. Angel, in the words of my ten year old daughter is truly an angel but disguised as a belly dancer, and boy can she dance. I feel truly blessed to be a student of Angel's.”

Fylis Peckham, teacher and artist


“I recommend Angel to anyone who is looking to find a place of refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life. She truly creates a sanctuary for women to bond, have fun, and find themselves.”

Veronica, teacher


“Angel creates a supportive environment with warmth and respect. She encourages each student to find her own true movement. I always feel great about myself after class.”

Elisabeth, seamstress


“Dancing with Angel is healing. It gave me permission to move in ways I was uncomfortable to move before. I feel more joy in my body and I’ve reclaimed my sensuality in a healthy way.”

Angela, body worker and herbalist


“First, no matter how I feel when I get to class I always feel better afterwards. Angel holds a space that is safe to move without judgment and the opportunity for me to find my unique expression in movement. I love Angel’s teaching, the environment and the friends I have made.”

Debbie, brand and marketing communications


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