Perfection And Abundance

  • Honor and celebrate the sacred within.
  • Mantra: “I am the gorgeous goddess.”
  • Every woman is already a perfect belly dancer—it is a question of remembering.


Acceptance And Healing

  • The only way to transform is to be present and to accept where you truly are now.
  • Unconditional love for oneself and for others is the only healing force in the universe.
  • There is enough love for everyone. Take the time to receive it.


Energy Technique

  • Move from the inside out.
  • Allow your energy to move your muscles and bones so your entire being is fed, healed, and energized.
  • Learn to ride the waves of light on the ocean of unconditional love.



  • Most important: breathe and have fun.
  • Continuous movement, continuous breath.
  • When you breathe on beat, you dance on beat.


  • Inhale unconditional love, exhale what you no longer need.
  • Most important: let go and surrender to the divinity of your sacred feminine self.

You are the goddess in charge. All others can wait for you. It is their lucky day to be in your divine presence and grace.


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