Sanctum offers day and weekend workshops through out the year led by Angel. Or contact Angel to create your special Goddess Event.

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Spend an entire day honoring and celebrating your gorgeous goddess self. In a safe and supportive environment experience healing and self-revelation through techniques of Spiritual Belly Dance™, meditation, and mantra work. Treat yourself to a day of fun and adventure, meditation, mantra work AND MUCH MORE. Check our calendar for dates or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule your own personalized goddess day event.


Goddess Weekends are a getaway to Sanctum in southern Florida and in Silver Spring, Maryland. The program begins Friday evening and lasts to mid-day Sunday.

During the weekend you will experience the graceful unfolding of your true divine feminine self in a beautiful and serene environment. This weekend is guaranteed to be magical, transformative, healing, and fun. Be prepared to discover many wonderful secrets about your gorgeous goddess self. Airfare, transportation to Sanctum, lodging and meals are extra.


Angel is happy to create a special workshop designed to address your groups unique needs and interests. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss topic, time and place.


Explore the ecstatic balance between the masculine and the feminine blessed by the grace and luminosity of the Rainbow Heart Tantra™ teachings and technique. See calendar for class dates or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for private sessions.


Spiritual Belly Dance™ practice culminates in the Goddess Circle Dance event. This is a time of celebration. Each goddess participating has worked hard preparing herself both inwardly and outwardly to express her own divine self through the language of Spiritual Belly Dance™. During the event goddesses connect to the infinity and luminosity of the goddess circle and the benefit of returning to the source. This experience is enhanced and heightened by the focus of the group energy—a powerful and divine experience.

In its highest sense, dance serves as a visual teaching during which the world is transformed for the better, negative forces are subdued, and beings are awakened to their ultimate divine nature. Music is an offering, an invocation, and a call to prayer that holds the space for this profound dancing transformation to occur.

The Goddess Circle is older than ancient and extends through the past, present, and future via being one with the breath in the present moment. When goddesses are joined in the shape of a circle with a single focused purpose throughout all the energy bodies, the power and grace of the circle is limitless. All is made manifest at this perfect moment. Miracles and healings instantaneously occur. Women who stand in the goddess circle have done so forever and are only remembering what they already know completely.

The infinity of the Goddess Circle stands on the number four - north, east, south, and west. Stones and crystals ground the sacred fire of pure intention from root to crown in the goddess temples of the female body. Red, orange, pink and yellow celebrate the blooming of creation. All unconditional love is woven from the center of the Goddess Circle into the hearts of the audience through the ribbons of rainbow colored light.

By celestial design, the days surrounding the solstice hold the largest space for the greatest joyful awakening of those who are not asleep. The spiritual flowering of the Goddess Circle is dedicated to the highest blessing and good of all sentient beings.


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