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As a competitive horse show rider, I was always searching for ways to improve myself athletically and enhance upper and lower body coordination. On this quest, I studied hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, Pilates, gyrotonics® and Gyrokinesis® exercise.I became a Bioenergetics healer, taught by acclaimed healer Micteck Wirkus. During my years studying Arabic, it occurred to me that belly dancing might be another way to improve my riding technique. This was the beginning of my love for and my soul’s connection to this beautiful and creative dance form.

As I studied, taught, and performed I became convinced that belly dance is one of the greatest forms of feminine self-expression. I began to embrace this dance form as sacred movement designed for all women no matter their shape or size. On the outside belly dance looks fun, beautiful and entertaining —on the inside it’s a healing dance of spiritual enlightenment.

At Angel Sanctum, my students receive constant individual attention. They come from all walks of life— athletes, business owners, healers, therapists, military officers, doctors, scientists, teenagers and even children. I tell my students that they are learning a vocabulary of steps and movements that will enable them to dance in the language of their own inner beauty throughout all aspects of their lives.

I encourage both a disciplined and innovative approach to movement. Great emphasis is put on teaching proper breathing, for both physical and energy bodies move with greater ease and range with constant awareness of the breath. I also use visualization techniques to help my students stretch deeper into understanding the many invisible realms and energies created by their movements. When my students finish each class, they always feel happier and more alive than when they started.

I wish for all my students to experience the happiness, healing, growth, and awakening I have found through Spiritual Belly Dance™.


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